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Meet Your New Makeup Contouring Best Friend.


Sometimes, my makeup game falls into a rut. I start using the same stuff every day, never really loving the finished look the way I once did, and feeling uninspired.

Luckily, somehow makeup inspiration psychically knows when it’s time to strike. It’s arrived in the form of Pur Minerals’ Cameo Contour. It literally just showed up on my doorstep like an early Christmas present (in case you weren’t sure yet whether or not you were jealous of my job… nyah nyah). 

Pur Minerals' Cameo Contour

We’ve all been inundated with images of Kardashians mid-contour and instructed that we need to be visually sculpting our ideal faces with makeup, but how many of us actually have time to do it? The endless blending, product eff-ups and insane commitment of it all have led even makeup junkies like me (who’ve written highly popular guides on highlighting and contouring!) to leaving contouring for only the most special of occasions.

Well, not anymore. I can proudly say that since discovering Cameo Contour, I now highlight and contour almost every time I do any makeup whatsoever. Really!

What makes this one so different? For me, it’s about usability: the 2-in-1 stick has a light side and a dark side (apropos with Star Wars looming), each twisting up ingeniously so that one can either use the edge for a skinny line (think nose/browbone) or the flat bit for bigger areas, like planing undereyes and chin.

There are other prolific makeup contouring sticks, but they’ve always battled becoming crumbly (an effect which never looks too sexy). Not so here. Cameo Contour has PUR’s Ceretin Complex, a blend of hydrating ceramides and Vitamin A. Plus, it’s oil free. I find my skin drinks it up in a very good way.

So how does one get an even finish? Use a beauty blender, natch! If you haven’t discovered these yet, get ready to fall in love. Dampen PUR’s Contour Blending Sponge and use its versatile shape to hit all the parts of your face in just the right way. Then blend, baby, blend.

Here I am all done up in Tucson with my makeup mojo reinfused via PUR:


Do you highlight/contour? What’s your makeup best friend?

P.S. Some good news: we just got named #4 on the list of the top 50 beauty blogs! W00T!

2 thoughts on “Meet Your New Makeup Contouring Best Friend.

  1. 1) this looks amazinggg. Can i get it at Sephora?
    2) that is the most luxe looking selfie Ive ever seen hahaha
    girl you fabulous

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