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The Science That Goes Into Selecting the Right Necklace Length

Women turn to accessories to put the finishing touches on any outfit. They must consider the necklace length when doing so, as this one piece can significantly change the overall look of the outfit. The main thing a woman needs to remember when choosing this accessory is the necklace accentuates that area of the body where it rests. This allows the woman to highlight her best features while downplaying others.

Consider the appearance of the neck when choosing jewelry. However, other factors play a role in which piece should be worn. This includes the shape of the face and the body type. Furthermore, women should take into account the outfit they will be wearing and its neckline.Adina’s Jewels has beautiful necklaces. With this information, they can choose from among the many styles found on this site and find the perfect piece at this site for every outfit.

Neck Size

Before buying any necklace, measure your neck circumference. Women cannot skip this step, especially when purchasing short chains that are meant to fit relatively tightly on the neck. Using a soft measuring tape, determine the circumference and write it down. When shopping for a choker, add two inches to the neck measurement. If buying a pendant, add four inches to this number.

The length and width of the neck likewise need consideration when purchasing a necklace. Long, slender necks look great when paired with short chains. However, avoid them if you have a short or wide neck. It’s best to go with a 20″ to 24″ chain so it doesn’t emphasize this feature. A woman with a neck of average length and width looks great in a necklace of any length.

If you have a wide neck and wish to wear a choker, go with one an inch or two larger than the suggested size. Add three or four inches to the neck measurement rather than two for a comfortable fit. Wide necks look best in thin chains rather than thick ones.

Women fortunate enough to have a long, graceful neck will find short chains look great on them. Choose a 14″ to 18″ chain if this describes your neck. It draws a person’s eye to one of your best features. Eye-catching details emphasize your long, graceful neck even more.

Body Type

People often ignore their body type when choosing a necklace. Don’t make this mistake. The right necklace can transform an outfit and make you look and feel better.

A long chain accentuates the collarbone. Women with a short or wide neck need a chain that is a minimum of 18″ in length. This moves the viewer’s eye from the neck and down to the collarbone and bust. A charm or pendant attached to the chain helps to move the eye downward as well. Anyone with wrinkles on the neck or other blemishes should choose a longer chain to achieve the same goal.

Height plays a role in the appropriate necklace length. Women who are 5’4″ or shorter should keep their necklace to 20″ in length or shorter. Longer chains overwhelm small bodies. Women of average height, or those who are 5’4″ to 5’7″, can wear any necklace length with ease, and the same holds for tall women. However, tall ladies find long chains accentuate their height and flatter their bodies.

Tall women can wear short chains, but they may get lost in the overall look. Short women, on the other hand, need to avoid chunky necklaces. They overwhelm the body and detract from the overall look.

Select a length that emphasizes your best features. Women with a small bust, for example, should choose a long chain between 28″ and 38″. However, a woman with a full bust needs to avoid long chains, as they don’t hang properly on the body. They need a chain that falls between 18″ and 22″.

Face Shape

The right necklace length emphasizes a woman’s best feature, and the face is no exception. Consider your face shape when choosing a necklace length. Women with round faces need to avoid short necklaces that emphasize their face shape. Oval faces look good with necklaces of any length, while women with long faces look great in short chains. They soften the face while rounding it off. Select a choker or other short necklace if you have a heart-shaped face, as the short chain adds fullness to the face while balancing the narrow chin.


Finally,take the outfit into consideration when choosing a necklace. Open-neck clothing provides the perfect frame for collars and chokers, as short chains draw attention to this area of the body. The more skin you show, the more prominent the necklace appears. Consider scoop, sweetheart, and strapless necklines to draw attention to the accessory.

Never pair a high neckline with a choker. Choose a necklace design that coordinates with the top’s neckline. Round-shaped chokers, for instance, nicely complement scoop neck tops.

If versatility is your top priority, choose an 18″ chain. Jewelry makers recognize how adaptable a necklace of this size is and offer most pieces in this length. It sits nicely in the collarbone area and complements most outfits. Wear the chain with a t-shirt during the day before changing into a formal gown for the evening. The necklace looks great in both situations.

Business attire pairs well with 20″ to 24″ necklaces. This length works with casual and dressy attire. When a woman dresses in slightly more formal attire, such as what she wears to the office, this length is ideal because the chain ends between the collarbone and bust.

Longer chains are ideal for a night on the town or when you are wearing a high neckline. The high neckline balances the chain length while showcasing the necklace. The long chain adds elegance to any outfit. However, if the necklace is more than 36″ in length, loop it around the neck twice so it isn’t too long.

There is a necklace for every outfit. With the above tips, finding the right piece becomes an easier task. However, these tips are not hard and fast rules and you should wear what makes you comfortable. When you do, you’ll find you look and feel your best and this shows in everything you do.

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