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The Ultimate Gift Guide 2017 for Shoe Lovers

Shopping for a friend who has a fetish for shoes? As exciting as it may sound, this could be quite taxing especially if you aren’t a shoe fan yourself. And if you decide to scourge the internet for your rescue, you will be all the more confused with different blogs suggesting completely different things. Here we have compiled a list of gifts which will please every kind of shoe lover.

For the creative one

Your best bet here is to gift them a voucher to get their own custom shoe designed. With Shoesofprey, you have some impressive options to design your own shoe. From picking your own style to choosing the decorations, the website has got everything covered. Any shoeholic is bound to fall in love with this cute present.

For the fierce fashionista

Do you have a special friend who keeps track of the latest trends and loves to wear only high-end shoes? And if you don’t mind shelling out big bucks for them, there can be nothing better than a pair of designer shoes. This shoe guide straight from Vogue will give you a sneak peak into what’s hot this season.

For the one who loves to experiment

Go for something really unconventional. Pick up shoes with textures; reptile skin textures had been quite a thing on the runway. If that is not an option, go for some bling and get a pair that has metallic hues.

For the one who is always on the go

Whether your friend is hopping from one place to another or has spent a tiring night partying, wearing stilettos or sky high heels for a long time can be a terrible experience. Foldable shoes which are available in a variety of designs and colors can offer the much needed respite. These can be easily popped into the hand-bag taking minimal space. Your friend is going to love you for this super-comfortable pair.

Getting high end shoes means breaking your bank. Of course, they are worth every penny they are priced at but you don’t want to have a mid-month financial crisis. Once you have figured out what you need to pick, Office Shoes can save you a few bucks with their impressive discounts. The official website features some amazing pieces from popular brands such as UGG Australia, Ted Baker amongst others. The ‘What’s Hot’ section covers the latest trends and with that you cannot go wrong while picking something that is in vogue.

If you still haven’t been able to figure out what you be should be picking, you need not fret. We list some other gift ideas that can make any shoe lover melt:

Wall shoe calendar:What is quite exciting about this not-so-ordinary gift is that it reveals a new shoe everyday thus adding some spark to a regular calendar. Anyone who is shoe-smitten would love to start a fresh day looking at a new pair (even though it is just an image printed on a piece of paper). Imagine waking up to a fresh picture of your loved one right in front of you; well this comparison doesn’t do any justice but there are certain things that make your day, don’t they?

Shoe wine holder: If your friend is fond of wine, a shoe wine bottle holder will make for a really classy present. These need not be necessarily used as wine holders but can also be used to keep books or phone. At pinterest, you have some stylish shoe holders that can catch anyone’s attention.

Shoekey chains: Key chains are tiny adorable pieces and you cannot go wrong with these. Whether your friend is fond of high heels or sneakers or loves a particular brand, gifting them with the miniature versions of their favorite pick will make them go gaga over these tiny and cute collectibles.

Shoe accessories: We bet your friend wouldn’t have thought of getting one. Even if your friend owns a collection, she wouldn’t mind a new one to it. Shoe clips are perfect for any kind of footwear; heel rings work for those who are fond of heels while boot belts can add a hint of glamour to even the simplest boots.

Heel protectors: Someone who is fond of wearing stilettos often faces this problem. Due to regular wear, heel tips often wear out and can completely ruin the finish of your favorite shoe. Another common issue is clacking of heels which could be quite irritating in a quiet place. Heel protectors are the remedy here. Couple the heel protectors with a trendy pair of stilettos and she would be head over heels in love with the present.

With so many ideas which also include some last minute presents, you cannot go wrong with your pick for your shoeholic friend.

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