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Alpessence Caviar Serum & Moisturizing Refining Mask Review

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We’re getting fancy today, with caviar and precious minerals in our products. But it’s not just about what’s in your products – it’s also about how well they absorb.

The truth is, the absorption of essential ingredients is often tiny.
Study shows, 99% of bestselling Vitamin C serum gets wasted.
Much of your expensive skincare ingredients are wasted since most of the product just stays on the skin’s surface. What a ripoff!

That’s why Swiss brand Alpessence began its research based on the special absorption improving formula called Infusion-Plus™, which guarantees better and fast results of the skin care products.

Both gemstone ingredients and high-tech anti-aging ingredients are included, safe and highly effective.

The caviar serum is probably their most famous product and offers legendary firming and lifting — I can feel my skin tightening as I use it. Formulated to efficiently boost the absorption of powerful anti-aging ingredients, it seeps into my face almost instantaneously. It can diminish the sign of aging and ultimately reshape the appearance of face contours – yas, honey, yasss.
If you do have thick creams which is not easy absorbed, try to apply it mixed with the caviar serum (seriously!) or apply caviar serum before the cream. The brand claims that with Infusion Plus, whatever skin care products we apply afterward will be better absorbed by our skin.

Premium anti-aging ingredients in the serum such as Alpine rose stem cell and Caviar help to refine the fine lines, make skin plump and smooth.

The Moisturizing Refining Mask is another impressive product – it provides overnight care of your skin in refining the fine lines around eyes and lips, smoothing, refining pores and refreshing skin tone. I definitely feel I see less dullness in my skin since using it.

It’s recommended you use the mask at the end of your night routine as a sleeping mask and wash it off in the next morning. Though I use it more like a typical mask and wash it off in a bit, it’s quite comfortable and soothing and could definitely be worn to bed.

The semi-precious Malachite in the mask (that made me think of Sailor Moon in the video – not the first time that’s happened here) and nutrient-rich Alpine rose stem cell both help give skin the energy to renew itself, helping to reduce the appearance of dark tones.

Would you try these products? What are you using on your skin these days?

Thanks to Alpessence for sponsoring and providing products for review.

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