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Eyeshadow Review: Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Shadow

Revlon Molten Metal Feature

Eyeshadow Review Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Shadow AdI love liquid shadows, especially anything sparkly. Is that predictable of me? Oh, well. Revlon debuted this product with their other Limited Edition shimmery lip toppings and shadows, so I picked up Molten Metal in Gold Digger #550. The tip is fabric and slides the shadow on comfortably but visibly. The product goes on smooth and dries neatly, and is easy to alter with a Q-tip and water so the edges are clean.

Revlon Molten Metal Liquid ShadowMy only complaint about this shadow is that the shade isn’t quite as intense as I thought the name “Molten Metal” suggested; I was hoping for a MAC-level deposit of extreme pigment. The result may be even better, though; I can wear it during the day to add some highlight to my look without feeling like a drag queen, and the shine factor is massive. And the name “Gold Digger” is at least undebatable; the color is nothing but gold with no hint of copper or bronze.

The verdict: 8/10

I no longer wear my 70s-style brown halter dress without this baby applied all the way from lashline to brow!

Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Shadow sells at Drugstore.com for $11.52.

2 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Review: Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Shadow

  1. That’s a super sexy look. I wonder if the shadow blends well though. Seems like it could get edgy – not good edgy, just seamy.

    1. All liquid shadow can run into that issue, Sam, but you can always blend the edges with a Q-tip, a little concealer, or a pat of eyeshadow in an intermediate color.

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