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Forget #HotGirlSummer, let’s do #BasicAsFall

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#HotGirlSummer took the world by storm in 2019, and why not? The message resonated with women everywhere who’ve spent their lives hearing, “be beautiful – but don’t look like you’re trying.” “Be sexy – but don’t flaunt your sexuality, that’s slutty.” We cannot win by definition.

#HotGirlSummer was a fun, playful concept that took that idea back and said, be who you want and don’t be afraid to show everything that goes into that. Literally, no shame in your game.

I, for one, don’t want this idea to die with summer. Fall is a season where us girls get a lot of grief for being “basic” – how dare you like pumpkin spice, scarves, leggings, UGGs? The concept of “basic” essentially means “don’t be like other girls. Don’t be a regular, normal girl, because by default, what girls like is stupid.”

With that in mind, let’s not stop at summer and take fall back too. I propose: #BasicAsFall! This season, be as basic as you want and don’t apologize for it. Love what you love and tell anyone who doesn’t like it to go piss on a pinecone.

With that in mind, let’s lighten the mood with a few of my basic AF (where AF = As Fall, of course) and not-so-basic favorites:

  • A bag that goes everywhere, with everything: this reversible tote is my new favorite thing in the world – it’s two of my favorite colors at once (well, whichever one I’d like it to be at the time), plus the insert is both travel-friendly and exactly where I should put that thing I can never find at the bottom of my purse. Now that I commute in the big city on the daily, a versatile tote like this is a must-have and will look great all year long!
  • The perfect bling. What will take you from warm weather to cold? Accessories that will stay classic no matter what’s up outside, natch. I’m personally in love with this Bridge Ring from Aurate:
  •  Your new go-to easy dress. I always have an “easy dress” on hand – meaning, a dress I know I can throw on and look fab in with minimal effort. Cindy Karen’s Montauk dress is the holy grail of easy dresses – absolutely perfect for every occasion.
    With sneakers or boat shoes, it’s effortlessly casual for a dockside cocktail, yet fierce enough with kitten heels for an impromptu salsa date with the girls.
  • The brightest smile. Pumpkin spice lattes taste great but don’t do your teeth any favors, and in-office whitening can be a long, expensive process. Save the trip and some dough by whitening fast at home with the Luster Pro Light Kit. I LOVED being able to use the light myself and saw results in minutes! Hands down, easiest whitening ever!
  • Undies that work for any outfit. I have a larger chest and have a tough time finding bras that don’t cut into me while still offering ample support. Montelle Intimates‘ collection of bra and panty sets are adorably feminine, hide nicely under my clothes and come in a massive range of sizes. Plus I’m loving the jewel tones on this t-shirt bra. Perfection!t-shirt-bra montelle intimates blue

What are your favorites for #BasicAsFall?

5 thoughts on “Forget #HotGirlSummer, let’s do #BasicAsFall

  1. My go-to Fall need is a cardigan that is light weight enough to shove in my bag, but just heavy enough to handle when the weather decides to take a turn mid-day!

  2. Haha! I love “#basicasfall”. I love a big bag I can carry everything in. I’ll check out that whitening kit too.

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