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Iggy Azalea’s AMAs Beauty (And Booty)

iggy-azalea-AMAs Ponytail

What is it with the booty lately? 2014 was officially the Year of the Butt. We had Nicki Minaj’s desperate bid for ass-attention with “Anaconda”, a magazine no one ever heard of until Kim Kardashian’s glazed donut graced its cover, and Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez’s booty-rubbing video. Seriously, can we make 2015 the Year of the Talent? These women have it, and I’d rather see that than their rear cheeks.

iggy-azalea-american-music-awards-2014-amas beautyAnyway, dismounting my soapbox, the 2014 American Music Awards yesterday featured rap queen and “Fancy” vocalist Iggy Azalea accepting her first-ever award (she was actually the most-nominated artist of 2014 with 6 nominations including Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, New Artist of the Year, and Favorite Female Artist) and performing with J.Lo to show us even more of her booty. Yay!

barbie feeling fun crimped ponytail iggy azalea
Just sayin’.

What interested me more was her hair, which channeled late 80s-early 90s Barbie with a giant crimped ponytail. I was actually pretty stoked because I’ve  been waiting for the day that crimping would return.

Her look included a muted lip, shiny cheekbones and popping dark eyes, and I thought it complemented her features beautifully (although I do like a nice red lip on Iggy). What did you think of her look?

Iggy Azalea AMAs

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