Nexxus Oil Infinite Shampoo Conditioner Marula Oil Review

Nexxus Oil Infinite Hair Care Review: Hollywood Edition!

I love my red locks, but I was looking for more of that shiny hair-commercial look on a daily basis. Along came Nexxus’ new Oil Infinite line, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to review it myself in a video we filmed for Nexxus at Walmart. Boom!

Nexxus Oil Infinite Shampoo Conditioner Marula Oil Review

Click through here to see the video reviews from each line; I reviewed the Oil Infinite line, while Megan from Bon Bon Rose Girls and Ashley from Ashley Brooke Nicholas reviewed the other two lines. I guess we’re all blogger starlets now!

Just look at all the filming fun we had:

So what did I think of the line? In short,  Oil Infinite is incredible. I’d never used marula oil before, but add me to the bandwagon. Argan’s got nothing on this. Marula feels slippery and seeps easily into my thirsty strands, leaving my hair feeling hydrated yet weightless.

Oil Infinite also boasts 100% pure elastin protein, and if you’ve ever used a protein treatment, you know how powerful they can be in reconstructing damaged, dull locks. I can really feel this in the shampoo: while most shampoos have a run-of-the-mill body-wash type of feel, Oil Infinite’s is creamy and feels like it’s nourishing my hair, not hurting it.

In my line of work, I try a LOT of hair products. It takes something really special to bump the current contender out for a coveted spot on the shower shelf, but Oil Infinite’s entire line went the distance. I use this line daily, and I couldn’t be happier with my results and what it’s done for my hair’s look and feel. Plus, now you can get it from Walmart for a fraction of salon-typical prices. That’s sassinista shopping!

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Thanks to Nexxus and Walmart for sponsoring this conversation. I was compensated for my time and work and received product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Whoa! You look fantastic! You’re a superstar! I can’t believe you did a commercial for Nexxus. That is just so cool. Congratulations!

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