Can you straighten your hair with a regular clothes iron

Can You Straighten Your Hair with a Clothes Iron?

Today, we endeavor to answer one of those questions that, perhaps, should never have been asked: can one flat-iron one’s hair with a clothing iron?

Some ask, why? We ask, why not?

Okay, I’d preface this by saying “don’t try this at home” or some similar cliche, but the likely story is that you won’t try it at home anyway. Your real straightener is at home. This desperate act would undoubtedly occur in a hotel room on vacation where your CHI has been carelessly left unattended to like poor little Kevin McAllister.

This act, although unnatural, can be performed on hair of a certain length. (That means long.) Here’s whatcha do:

  1. Get a chair, two towels, an iron and an ironing board.
  2. Spray your hair down good with some heat protectant.
  3. Lay out the first towel on the ironing board.
  4. Sit the chair next to the ironing board so you can comfortably lay your hair out on it.
  5. Put the second towel over the top of your hair. You do NOT want a clothes iron coming in direct contact with your hair; it will fry.
  6. Iron on low heat. No starch. Yuk yuk!
Conversely, can you iron your clothes with your flat iron?

In many cases, yes. Most fabrics will hold up to most hair straighteners on a very low setting. In fact, the size and maneuverability of a flat iron can be well suited to ironing folded seams and missed edges.

Just make sure the iron itself doesn’t have any residue from your hair products on it, or you could end up baking a stain right into your favorite Ralph Lauren cuff.

If you’d rather not leave your mane in DIY hands, visit Rush to find a salon near you.

10 thoughts on “Can You Straighten Your Hair with a Clothes Iron?”

  1. Um can you say GENIUS? Mind=blown! I’m totally keeping this in mind for my next getaway… Thanks a million!!

    1. Using a clothing iron is how they straightened their hair in the 60s and 70s. My mother told me how she did this all the time back then. It’s nothing new. 🙂

  2. I love this! I was taught this little trick when I was like 16 (and I was actually traveling at the time) and it saved me! I still have yet to find a product that straightens my hair as well as the iron did! I have found some wonderful and expensive hair products that help a lot, but no heating products that work as well. I haven’t done this in years though, as to keep my hair healthy. I use a heat brush when needed and that works nicely, but this trick will make the frizz vanish and stay straight all day! Anyone who try this really should be very careful, you can fry your hair and burn yourself so easily. So be careful girls! Thank you so much for the read!

  3. This is bs… your iron on a low setting is just the same as using a flatiron. The difference is area size. Work quickly and in very thin inches and you will Ben fine, your hair won’t fry doing it once or twice in a pinch.
    This is what people did before straighteners.

  4. Last few days I try to get one flat iron for my wife. But not understand which one will be good for her because her hair is African American type. Is it possible to give me some suggestion about this problem?

    1. Try it without the towel between the hair & iron. It works just fine & no more damage than a flat iron.

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