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Lauren Conrad’s Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Lauren Conrad Perfect Ombre Hair ColorLauren Conrad’s been through her share of drama since her days on The Hillsfeuding with costar Heidi Montag andAudrina Patridge and of course, her topsy turvy love life. Now she’s got things a bit more together, but through all the ups and downs, one thing remained consistent: Lauren’s flawless style. Here are her tips for staying beautiful when life hands you lemons and then airs those lemons on cable TV.

Lauren on hairstyles:

  • “My hair is everything-treated, so I use a deep conditioner from Unite once a week to repair the damage. I leave it on for ten minutes while I’m in the shower.”
  • “When I don’t have that much time to do my hair I use a beach spray. I spray throughout my hair right after I get out of the shower. Then I scrunch it and let it air dry to create messy waves.”
  • I like wearing scarves in my hair because they make me look put together without taking a lot of time. I mostly get them from vintage stores – I like simple patterns like polka dots.”

LC on eye makeup:

  • “The brush on On The Edge [Liquid Eyeliner by mark.] is really thin, so all you have to do is hold it there, and you just push it down against your lashes and drag it. I just close my eyes and drag it along, because if you stretch out your eye when you let go it goes thicker. You just do both eyes and the winging is just what you have to practice. And honestly I do a different size and shape every day; I just have to try to do one and then try to match it. I think it’s a little bit of muscle memory every day. You just have to get used to it, because now I can do it in my rearview mirror — but it took me a while to get it down.”
  • “Less is more. I think that when I started doing makeup, I would get so excited that I was allowed to wear it that I would match my blue eye shadow to my blue top every day and it would be too much. And my mom always said to me, take it down a little. Less is more with makeup.”
  • “I use my fingers to apply my under-eye concealer to my lids to even them out. I don’t like wearing eye shadow, but having a solid, matte color on my lids makes my eyes stand out and my liner look more dramatic.”
  • “If I had to choose one product to take with me to a desert island, it would be mark. Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara in black. It gives me really full lashes without any clumps.”

On her nails:

“I got into ridiculous colors. I just bought an electric blue, and then in Sephora they have press-on foils and it lasts just like nail polish. … I just got glitter, too, I found it in like a cheap party store. But if you layer it on it’s just solid glitter. Your nails look really cool. That’s a place where you can experiment.”

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