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The Skinny Tan: Losing Inches While Bronzing Up

Chroma Tan Contour D'Or Shrinking Tan Contour Spray TanningDo you girls remember my awesome in-home spray tan with ChromaTan awhile back? Well, check this: my girl Jen at ChromaTan is now offering the Contour D’Or Shrinking Tan, which will instantly make you look thinner and can even make you actually lose fat. Say what?

Contour D’Or is all the rage in the UK and just making its way into the US. (So ChromaTan is actually one of the first to offer it here, and I was her very first client to get it. VIP, baby.) But how does it work?

The first and most obvious effect: the contouring. Contour D’Or uses a darker and lighter shade to create flattering contouring effects on your body (just like contouring with makeup). Seriously. Jen can give you abs (if she can give ’em to ME, she can give ’em to anybody) and even make your, ahem, chest area look more flattered.

I’m not gonna show you my whole bod before and after, ’cause I’m a lady like that, but I will prove to you that contouring works. Here I am in the same top before and after:

ChromaTan Contour D'Or Spray Tan Before After

The “after” is definitely more Victoria’s Secret worthy. Okay, so clearly contouring works for cleavage and abs – but what about this skinnifying effect where the tan actually breaks down your fat?

The secret is the Contour D’Or’s Shrinking Violet fat loss complex, which uses hydrolyzed lecithin (yes, it’s soy-based) to reduce fat deposits by lipolysis. Basically, it forces excess fat out of your fat cells and into your bloodstream, where it can be eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Of course, if you don’t actually let the fat escape your body, it’ll find its old home again in your fat cells and plump them happily back up. So you’ve got to take care of yourself by avoiding coffee, tea, soda and other fizzy drinks, and alcohol for the 24-72 hours following your treatment, and drink lots of water. Since I got this done on a Friday, that made for a dull weekend. I suggest a Sunday or Monday treatment!

Now – wanna see me be brave and show you if it was all worth it? Here’s my tummy before and after:

ChromaTan Contour D'Or Spray Tan Before After BellyJen measured me at the time of my tan and I measured again after. For ultimate scientific-ness, she didn’t leave me my original measurements or let me see them after, and I measured myself at the same time of day (5pm) as my original tan.

The result: I lost a total of 6.44 inches (FOUR inches of which came off my thighs, thank the heavens). And I looked 100% more toned. I got called “little” several times by people I knew over the weekend and it really made me feel confident in this tan.

The Contour D’Or costs $145, but in my opinion it is absolutely worth it. You will look immediately thinner, be thinner in the long run, and in a less-advertised benefit, your skin will feel AMAZING. I could not stop touching my silky smooth skin after this treatment.

Plus, this product is all natural, 100% vegan, and smells great – not that awful self tanner smell. And if you know anything about cosmetics in the UK, you know they have higher standards than we do for the purity of the products.

Book your spray tan today with ChromaTan and watch your body transform in front of your eyes. Seriously my new favorite tan.

Thanks to ChromaTan for allowing me to try this tan free of charge. No other compensation was exchanged. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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