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Old Hollywood Makeup Part 2: Lips & Cheeks [VIDEO]

Old Hollywood Lips Feature

Welcome to Part 2 of a series I created for this Halloween when I went as Dottie Hinson from A League of Their Own – it’s all about OLD HOLLYWOOD makeup. But our lip makeup is also perfect for copying Emma Roberts’ American Horror Story look! (That’s my absolute favorite show on television.)

This part is all about lips and cheeks.  Here’s the video so you can see what’s what:

And as usual, I’ll transcribe what we do for you so you don’t have to watch it. (But you really should because I’m funny and stuff.)


  1. Line up with some red lipliner (I used Dollar Store LA Colors in Fiery cause I’m so fancy – you already know).  Fill them bad boys in, playah.
  2. Stick ’em up with a matte red lipstick for Old Hollywood glamtasm – I like Julie Hewett Femme Noir.
  3. Dottie’s cheeks are ruddier than your average Marilyn Monroe type, so I used a burnt-desert-rosey kinda blush to give me some just-batted color. The MAC Wonder Woman Golden Lariat palette that will not die made it happen.

Products used:

– Julie Hewett Femme Noir Lipstick
– LA Colors red lipliner in Fiery
– MAC Wonder Woman bronzing palette

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2 thoughts on “Old Hollywood Makeup Part 2: Lips & Cheeks [VIDEO]

  1. Freakin beautiful Jessica Rabbit stuff happening here. I can’t wait to see the whole look come together

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